Looking for more in life?
Start A Mobile Travel Business
(actually more of a lifestyle business)

and make life an ADVENTURE!

Significant advancements in travel and transaction technology have made it possible for you to EASILY and INEXPENSIVELY position yourself in front of the largest industries in the world - travel and transaction - and NEVER have to book a single trip for a customer, build a website, buy ads, or invest a ton of money - even if you have zero experience!

It's the PERFECT automated income stream for already busy entrepreneurs!

Timing And Positioning

Once in a while ideas are conceived that disrupt entire industries.

Like when Apple introduced the iPhone and started the smart phone revolution. Or when Uber, Netflix, AirBnB, and Skype introduced their respective apps and technology that disrupted and forever changed the taxi, movie rental, hotel, and long distance industries. 

The SAME THING is happening right now with travel and transaction -two of the LARGEST industries in the world. 

The company we've partnered with offers you and your customers the ability to travel the world at wholesale AND the ability to dine, relax, and play your way to FREE travel with patent protected VIRAL TECHNOLOGY and robust ecosystem.  

Note:  if you're not COMPLETELY STOKED by the concept above, then you may want to stop reading and check your pulse!

Customer and business support is provided from their offices around the world to help you maintain your business. 

We provide you the coaching and business development to GROW and EXPAND your tribe and social following, so you can efficiently build yet another income stream to your mobile business.

Why You’ll LOVE Working With Us!

My wife and I work and play together, complimenting each other's strengths perfectly.  We're VERY fun...and together we're also documented professionals in TRIBE DEVELOPMENT, mindset and communication mastery, and sales funnels.  

Secondly, we LOVE passive income and travel (34 vacations in the last 3 years), so we're super excited about the VIRAL TECHNOLOGY behind all this and the impact it will have on people's lives!

Even with FUN as our #1 priority, our mission -as servant leaders- is to help YOU create multiple income streams and find the breakthroughs you need to put more life in your lifeSTYLE. 

Through our company, Breakthroughs Worldwide, we work with ambitious, perseverant, and entrepreneurial minded people that are looking for more in life - and are ready to work hard to get it.  

Our comprehensive training and implementation program, along with personal development coaching, will provide you with everything you need to start AND EXCEL with a REAL mobile travel and lifestyle business!

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TW Walker 
Chief Fun Officer (CFO)
As Seen In Entrepreneur

Heather O'Brien Walker 
Chief Bliss Officer (CBO)
Featured NY Times Best Seller

​What's In It For You?

Location independence is what freedom is all about. It's all about living life on YOUR terms and being able to create an income that is not limited by where you are.  

Our systems and coaching will teach you how to GENERATE AN ENDLESS FLOW OF LEADS, build a GIANT list, be a great CONNECTOR, close sales, become an EFFECTIVE INFLUENCER, and QUICKLY create a social sales network that will provide you with the income you want that is location independent and the lifestyle you crave.

The BEST part?

Your role is that of what I like to call a "mobile messenger" meaning you simply share the ideas and concepts SOCIALLY, then your customers can dine, relax, and play their way to peak life experiences and check items off their "bucket list" now rather than later.  All because of our unique and ground breaking technology and global ecosystem.

Taking Action

Right now, you can even become a beta tester for our viral technology before it’s officially released to the world to give you first mover advantage in growing your business.  

Just imagine having access to technologies like Uber, Netflix, and Skype before the general public…

Now imagine getting paid when referring people to these technologies…

NOW imagine getting paid when OTHER people referred people to these technologies

THIS is the definition of VIRAL!

Yes, you are in the MILLION DOLLAR SEAT right now.  No need to give up your full time job either.   In fact, we discourage it.

Build your mobile travel and lifestyle business part time and grow it to a full time income, all with the mentorship and coaching from TWO successful entrepreneurs.

If you're looking for an additional income stream and work you can be truly passionate about, if you LOVE helping others, if you're ambitious, love the idea of traveling the world for free (or at least at huge discounts)...

If you LOVE the idea of getting in PATENT PROTECTED, VIRAL TECHNOLOGY before it's gone viral...

If you're entrepreneurial minded, don't mind hard work, are loyal, committed -and even a little stubborn- when it comes to setting and achieving lofty goals...

If the thought of being part of our trend setting Breakthroughs Worldwide movement...

AND you want to build a truly location independent business that provides you with flexible work hours and unlimited income ceiling, then connect with me.

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